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Gold Coast Goods

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Not too long ago, Jan and Sam, mother and daughter, got together to make some special ties. These special ties were created for an especially special party, Sam’s wedding. The ties were a hit, a bea READ MORE

Reef Knots

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The initial idea was to make silk ties that reminded people of life outside of their suit, rather than being a symbol of the corporate grind. The bonus was that I might manage to escape it myself. It READ MORE

Maison des Bows

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Bow ties form the core of our collection. After countless prototypes, we have put together a collection of diverse and unique designs. This classic fashion staple, with our bespoke tailoring, brings t READ MORE


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DAZI...providing customers with a line of unique skinny ties of unbeatable quality. We have a strong desire to continue creating products that are as unique as the people who buy and wear them. Wi READ MORE

The Bow Tie Shoppe

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The Bow Tie Shoppe makes one-of-a-kind and limited run bow ties from vintage and new fabrics. Curating just the right fabric and print pairing in each and every bow tie makes them truly unique. They READ MORE


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Aya Kawa Ties are made for those people looking for a unique tie. Aya Kawa is one of the few companies that take full control of the tie making process, from choosing the silk yarns from which to weav READ MORE

Toramon Necktie Company

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Wearing the right necktie can make the difference between making a good impression on the first date or getting that perfect job. Here at Toramon Necktie Company we understand that the workplace deman READ MORE

High Cotton

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We are firm believers that bow ties should be a regular part of a gentleman's wardrobe, not simply reserved for formal events. By embracing classic patterns, we create our bow ties with the expectatio READ MORE


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WHY CHOOSE GROOMTIES.COM?...Simple. We help grooms and groomsmen look great on the big day. We know weddings are stressful enough - we went through one ourselves! We want to make it as easy as possibl READ MORE

Brackish -- Original Feather Bowties

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Brackish is redefining tradition while crafting memorable yet personal pieces for the modern man's closet. In their Charleston production base, they have fine tuned their process and expanded designs READ MORE


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NecktieShop.com offers a huge selection of vintage, designer, novelty, pattern, skinny, boys, bow ties, long ties, and so much more! We are driven to provide the largest selection of men's neckties READ MORE


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Handcrafted exclusive ties made of leather, silk, cotton and some with a bit of bling and charm! Sonson® produces up to 60 units of one style, making it a more exclusive product. Each gift is packaged READ MORE

Knotty Co. Bowties

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All Knotty Co bowties are made from upcycled, repurposed materials. Having a past life means each tie has its own unique history, sort of like fashion reincarnation. Since each tie is made of reclaim READ MORE

Knotted - Handcrafted Bowties

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Knotted has created the most unique, handcrafted bowties available! Our bowties are come in an array of designs, all fit to suit any occasion you attend and guaranteeing compliments galore! All men READ MORE

Abby Christie

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Taking a Bold & Creative Spin on a Age-old Accessory. Be Bold Be Different...Unique and stylish bow ties for the buyer who is looking for something boldly different. Copyright © 2016, AbbeyChrissie READ MORE

Weekend Casual

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Ties, Knit Ties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares, Tie Clips, Lapel Pins + Flowers, Cuff Links, Suspenders, Socks, Sets... Weekend Casual is a culmination of superb style, unique men's accessory collection READ MORE
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