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Good Day Candles -- 100% Natural Soy + Beeswax

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Our candles are as natural as the day we all come into this world. They're made with 100% renewable soy and a touch of beeswax. Each special blend of fragrance has been carefully chosen to accompany l READ MORE

Candle-ology at Moynihan Gallery

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Candle-ology at Moynihan Gallery is where the candle-magic happens. We mix and pour all 100-plus fragrances with our pure soy wax products in our own Candle-ology Department. We encourage customers t READ MORE

Biren & Co.

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Founders Mark and Samantha created their first distinct candle in their kitchen as they could not find a single candle that matched their vision for their wedding day… a candle with an elegant drip ex READ MORE

Oak Forest Design

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Oak Forest Design produces premium handmade glittering beeswax candles from natural, 100 percent pure beeswax. These elegant seasonal candles come in 29 natural beeswax, 29 Classic and 24 Metallic col READ MORE

Bella-Mia Naturals Soy Candles & Decor

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Bryan & Jaime Leonard created this company to bring our local & national customers Pure, Natural, Hand Poured Soy Candles & Melts. We Promise our candles will burn cleaner, longer & smell way better READ MORE

Personalized Candle Store

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Celebrate an event or remember a loved one with a personalized keepsake. We specialize in personalized wedding candles, personalized wedding memorial candles, personalized baptism candles, pet memoria READ MORE

Unwined Candle Co.

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We love candles, so in 2010 we started Unwined Candle Company. We handcraft our candles from start to finish with a lot of love and attention to detail and we know that you'll see (and smell) the diff READ MORE

Smart Candle

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Smart Candle A1 Fairacres Industrial Estate Dedworth Road Windsor Berkshire SL4 4LE United Kingdom Phone:- +44 (0) 1753 621777 Battery candles Rechargeable candles Candle holders Wa READ MORE

Spiral Light Candle

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Spiral Light Candle is a candle manufacturer located in the small town of Hillsboro ND. We specialize in the design and production of the world’s only spiral burning self filling candles. This means READ MORE

Alex Simone - Monaco

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The Lifestyle, on the Mediterranean Coast of Southern France would not really exist without its characteristic odours. The scent is part of the DNA of Provencal houses. We invite you to discover th READ MORE

Kringle Candle Company

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When he was just sixteen, my father Mike Kittredge made a candle using his old childhood crayons for his mother’s Christmas present. This was the start of a tiny but fast-growing business called the Y READ MORE

The Candleberry Co.®

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Many of the Candleberry names and scents have a story involving friends behind them. One involves a beloved sales representative who enjoyed cocktails, and his love of bourbon led him to suggest that READ MORE

Arabella Candles

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Arabella Luxury Lifestyle Fragrance Candle Phone: 305-778-7999 Coral Gables, FL, Copyright © 2016 Arabella Candles Scented candles READ MORE


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Anouk is dedicated to being a premier lifestyle brand who specialises in home fragrance and body care products. We are passionate about perfectly matching scents with local living to make better c READ MORE

ANNT Candle Company

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ANNT Candle Company is a wholesale manufacturer and retailer of organic coconut palm candles. Our coconut palm candles are made from sustainable and renewable palm trees. Coconut palm trees are a no READ MORE

Amy's Country Candles

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What started out as a small, home-based business, quickly grew into a great company. We now produce over 30 scents, including special scents for the Mardi Gras season and other holidays. Our "fa READ MORE

Andrell's Homemade Aromas

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As we all know, it's had to find candles that burn well and make your house smell good at the same time. I personally hate buying a candle to only get home and I can't smell it at all. Well, Welcome t READ MORE

Anacortes Candles

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Every eco-friendly mason jar soy candle is handmade in Anacortes, WA and stuffed to the brim with hugs, kisses, laughs, rainbows, songs even unicorn farts! We make each candle with 100% REAL Love and READ MORE

Woodfire Candle Company

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Woodfire candles contain three simple ingredients: soy wax, high quality fragrance and essential oil blends, and wooden wicks. We choose soy because it is American-grown, renewable, clean burning, and READ MORE

Wikiwood Naturals

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Handcrafted Candles in Small Batches...Each and every one of our candles and shea body butter is handcrafted in small batches with good quality ingredients & best of all, a great deal of care! Our READ MORE

Pure Palette Scents

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Candles, Room Diffusers, Wax Sachets, Botanical Sachets, Lip Balms, Body Oils, Bug Spray, Massage Oils... WELCOME TO PURE PALETTE SCENTS STUDIO, HOME OF HANDMADE BODY AND HOME FRAGRANCES. ALL PURE READ MORE

3 Piece

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3 Piece was founded on the basic principle of only giving good and beauty to the world. After contemplating how best to create and give good to the world, a decision was made to start with the senses READ MORE

Piece by Paz

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Each bottle is filled with an all natural, non-GMO soy and beeswax blend. Beeswax, when heated, emits negative ions into the air that weigh down the positive ions (pollution) in your air. This proces READ MORE

Flame of Nature

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Our genuine natural Rock Oil Candle Lamps provide an artistic and functional lighting accent to your home décor. These handcrafted works of art provide a flickering glow that adds a soft illumination READ MORE

1-800 Candles

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Luxury, customized, personalized, hand crafted, soy based, organic, beautifully scented baby block candles. A place where mango scented candles do not have to be yellow! Vanilla does not have to be wh READ MORE

Bennett Candle

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Based in Redlands, CA., we hand pour and handcraft each candle and ensure you a completely enjoyable, organic, and unique product! Using only natural ingredients, 100% dye-free and colored only by th READ MORE
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