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Hollywood Candy Girls

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The Hollywood Candy Girls are intensely passionate about creating supremely sweet experiences for every client & every event. We come together to create everything from our exquisitely styled candy & READ MORE

Tropical Taffy

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OUR SALT WATER TAFFY FLORIDA IS AUTHENTIC AND HAND CRAFTED. WE STILL MAKE IT THE OLD FASHION WAY...Using only fresh ingredients, we begin the cooking process in a large, open, copper kettle. The taffy READ MORE

Snyder's Candy

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Snyder's Candy has been a summer destination at Rehoboth Beach, DE for decades. The store opened in 1940, and has been in the same location since then, at 60 Rehoboth Avenue. We are most known for our READ MORE

Kencraft Candy

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At Kencraft, we manufacture candy in the USA because we know it is important to you and your customers. We realize that more and more people today are demanding USA made candy to ensure they are getti READ MORE

Spinn Candy

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Spinn Candy's custom cotton candy is processed from the finest ingredients like ultra refined 100% pure cane organic sugar that is allergen, gluten and gmo free. Spinn Candy gourmet cotton candy has u READ MORE

Torrone Candy

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TorroneCandy is a family-run and operated business started by Anthony Andriola. In 2006, Torrone Candy opened an online marketplace to providing loyal customers with the delicious torrone, biscotti, c READ MORE

Sweet Pete's

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Sweet Pete’s manufactures a line of handcrafted quality chocolates and sells over a thousand different types of candies. The new location boasts a fully functioning factory with an interactive gallery READ MORE

Calissons by Gilles

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Welcome to ByGilles― the best French candy and Calissons… online. We are preserving the traditional French confections of Calissons from Provence, and are providing you with an authentic French confec READ MORE

First Choice Candy

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About us We are pleased that you’ve come to our website in search of the freshest, most decadent candies and treats on the planet! We work very diligently to serve each and every customer with the READ MORE

Sweet's Candy

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Sweet Candy Company is one of the oldest family-owned and operated candy companies in the United States. Sweet Candy Company has been making quality taffy, milk chocolate and dark chocolate Orange Sti READ MORE


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Candy has always been a part of our lives. Ryan and I both have many candy-related stories. I remember the assorted bon bons my grandmother used to have in her antique crystal candy jar back in Kent READ MORE

Top Molds

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We are a group of people in Los Angeles who are crazy about crafts, and sort of fell into the business of selling molds for candy, chocolate, soap, and other crafts. Our mission is to give our cust READ MORE

Chocolates El Rey

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About Us “Venezuelan cacao is the most aromatic and flavorful in the world” We at Chocolates El Rey take personal pride in this assertion because since our founding in 1929 we have utilized only t READ MORE

James Candy Company

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A confectioner by trade, Enoch James had been tinkering with a recipe for Salt Water Taffy for years on end, and in the 1880s, he relocated with his family to Atlantic City, eager to sell his signat READ MORE

Candy Wrapper Store

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I started Candy Wrapper Store after my 1st daughter, Amaya, was born in 2000. I searched for a cool birth announcement and decided on personalized Hershey's Bar candy wrappers. I couldn't find an READ MORE

Dolle's Candyland

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Rudolph Dolle Sr. purchased a small salt water taffy stand located on the same property as his carousel, and Dolle's Candyland was born. By the 1920s, Dolle's Candyland was a successful candy sto READ MORE

llinois Nut & Candy

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Raising the Candy Bar is the latest addition to Illinois Nut & Candy Home of Fantasia Confections. For over a quarter of a century Illinois Nut & Candy formerly Illinois Nut Outlet has been doing just READ MORE

Sweet City Candy

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Sweet City Candy carries a full line of bulk candy, chocolates, nuts & dried fruits, wrapped candy, sugarfree products, packaged candy, count goods, novelties, boxed chocolates, cookies and seasonal READ MORE


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The idea for Sugarfina sprouted on our third date, a screening of the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. A simple question - "why should kids have all the fun?" - led us on a quest to c READ MORE

Aunt Aggie De's Pralines

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For over 25 years, Aunt Aggie De's Pralines have been made the old-fashioned way with high-quality, all natural ingredients and an amazing recipe to guarantee praline perfection. Famous for our creamy READ MORE


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Spangler Candy Company is a family-owned private company making candy since 1906. Our products include lollipops, candy canes, and marshmallow candies. SPANGLER CANDY COMPANY 400 North Portland St READ MORE

Candy Direct.com

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Candy Direct is the oldest candy distribution company on the Web, operating since 1997, and a leading provider of nostalgic and popular confectionary items, including bulk and hard-to-find candies. READ MORE

Old Time Candy.com

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"Candy You Ate As A Kid"...We have a lot of fun eating and selling the candy we ate as kids. Sometimes we are asked how we can sell 50 year old candy. It makes us smile and our response is that our ca READ MORE

Pecan Jacks

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You will love the taste of our Pecan Jacks™ candies as our pralines melt in your mouth, flavored with just a subtle taste of Caribbean rum, Maker's Mark® bourbon, cinnamon & cayenne pepper, or traditi READ MORE

Sweet Cheers

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We combined our love of candy and crafting to make sweet candy bouquets. Each candy bouquet is hand crafted and creatively delicious. Perfect for every occasion. A great alternative to sending flowers READ MORE
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