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Dollhouse Kitchen

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Making 12th scale dollhouse Tudor food evolved into making birds as a lot of Tudor dishes feature peacocks and swans. The owls and fossils came about as they are things that I study in full scale; I n READ MORE

Madame Alexander

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The Madame Alexander Doll Company encourages girls of all ages to enjoy a lifetime of fun delighting fans with baby, fashion, play and limited edition doll collections that are beautifully designed, READ MORE

Whimsical Garden Creations

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Whimsical Garden Creations comes from a desire to spend time creating fantasy and fun for the young (and not so young). They're all unique, had crafted and they are created to be lovingly played wi READ MORE

Once Upon A Treehouse

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We have produced beautiful, eco-friendly toys that allow children and adults to explore their imaginations and tell their own stories through play. We design all of our handmade dolls, dollhouses and READ MORE

Wonder Crew

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Wonder Crew brings the power of friendship into the world of boys' play. Our Crewmates combine the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of the favorite stuffed animal. Includ READ MORE

Wildflower Toys

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Fairy & Elf Dolls, Kindness Elves, Christmas Ornaments, Dollhouse and Castle Play, Night Lights & Home Decor, Peg Dolls, Birthday Month Flower Dolls, Holiday & Storybook Dolls... I now have a famil READ MORE

The Magical Dollhouse

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At The Magical Dollhouse we are committed to providing you with the best possible shopping experience. We are here to help you fulfill your dollhouses and miniatures needs for the children and collect READ MORE
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