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Glorious Goblets

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Glorious Goblets glassware designs are unique, colorful and memorable to help you celebrate everyday or commemorate special occasions. We create a variety of glass collections based upon what we love READ MORE

Custom Crystal Glass Designs

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Our brilliantly created glass centerpieces, bowls, vases, pendant lights, etched wine bottle which are available with or without lights, candle holders, rocks glasses, beer mugs and of course our sign READ MORE


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Welcome to Craftworkz, the home of sparkle glasses and other crafts. We are a small family run business who love all things sparkly, and it is our passion to create fine hand finished products to show READ MORE

Trixie & Milo

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Trixie and Milo believe that gifts and accessories should be useful, authentic and timeless. With that in mind, the couple founded the company in 2011 to make classic American flasks and drinkware, a READ MORE

Sky Spirit Studios, LLC -- sackettdoddles.com

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DESIGN HAND PAINTED GLASSWARE, ART ON GLASS AND TABLETOP ACCESSORIES...Sky Spirit Studios is a home studio founded in 2009 with a heart for custom design on glass and porcelain for your tabletop decor READ MORE

The Beach Glass

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ABOUT THE BEACH GLASS...Bold, Elegant & Evolutionary- Made of durable, machine-washable, BPA-Free acrylic, The Beach Glass'® patented ball and stem design holds the glass upright in sand, grass and sn READ MORE

Wineflowers -- Hand Painted Glassware

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Whether you're searching for an elegant, one-of-a-kind wedding, anniversary, birthday, house-warming or shower gift; or just want to bring a smile to your own face each time you pour yourself a glass READ MORE

A Whincy Glass N Design

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Hand Painted Wine Glasses, Wedding Glassware & Gifts...A Wincy Glass N' Design features high end custom wine glasses, hand painted gifts, wall art and home décor made especially for you. I hand paint, READ MORE


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buyatankard.com is a specialist tankard store. We have one of the largest ranges of tankards available (we think it might be the biggest, but we don't like to brag!). Almost all of our tankards are READ MORE


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MogoBox is a focused Coffee Mug shop located on the world wide web. MogoBox has morphed through various concepts since inception. Our one constant though has been our morphing mugs. Being a bit gee READ MORE

Life Without Plastic

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Our products are made of high quality natural materials including glass, wood, stainless steel, bamboo, hemp, cotton, wool, khadi, cellulose, recycled paper. In a world so dependent on plastic, it READ MORE

Classic Hostess

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Treat yourself to a 'lil bit of sunshine and a dispenserful of lemonade or punch. Vintage Glass Drink Dispensers and Elegant Beverage Servers with Spout raise the bar on outdoor entertaining. Create d READ MORE

Shine Craft Vessel Co.

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The Shine Craft Vessel Company designs and manufactures premium growlers, barware and utilities for social excursions. We only design quality, function-driven products and use high end finishes that a READ MORE

Samson Family Leather LLC

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Leather Mugs, Leather Drinking Vessels, Leather Bottles... The Samson family has been producing quality leather drinking vessels, and various leather items for over 30 years. It truly is a famil READ MORE
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