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Teton Alchemy

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Alchemy is an herbal and epicurean apothecary where food can truly be your medicine. You may not know that 90% of the body's serotonin, that "feel good" neurotransmitter, is stored in your lower diges READ MORE


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COFFEE INSPIRED TEA. TAKE A MOMENT TO LET IT SINK IN...Teaspressa tea is all natural tea brewed in a way you have never seen before - it is nothing like the traditional method. You make Tea Shots, lik READ MORE

Argo Tea

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Our Passion Statement We are passionate about bringing teas directly from growers around the world and blending them into unique and delicious signature beverages and teas. We are committed to bein READ MORE

Ahmad Tea

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Our Story The Legacy of the World's Most Exclusive Tea Ahmad Tea is a UK-based family business, now in it's fourth generation of tea blending and tasting experience. Founded on a passion for the READ MORE

Demmers Teehaus

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About Us Order over 300 quality teas for any requirement, simply and safely online! Demmers Teehaus Online Shop – online since 1997 - tea culture at its best! We offer you a wide range of vari READ MORE

Aap Ki Pasand Sancha Tea

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What do we represent... The Sancha selections represent teas that are painstakingly assessed and selected by the professionals from amongst thousands of batches produced in the country of origin, I READ MORE


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Great tea, friendly stores and above-and-beyond customer service. It seemed like a simple idea, but we couldn’t find anyone else that was doing it. So in 2008, we decided to take matters into our ow READ MORE


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Teamotions story is about hope, health and, of course, tea! As sisters, Crystal and I have been together our entire lives. That much life has created an irreplaceable bond between us. We’ve been READ MORE


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Puzhen aims at inspiring the simplicity and purity of the body and mind, promoting a harmonious and natural way of living in the modern world. Puzhen’s unique aromatherapy diffusers, black teas, READ MORE

Fava Tea Company

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On a hot Saturday in June, 2007 I commented to Bryan about my frustration on not being able to purchase good loose leaf tea in the Fox Valley. His eyes lit up and he smiled cheerfully stating, "we s READ MORE

The Whistling Kettle

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The Whistling Kettle is an on-line tea store and retailer Albany, Saratoga and Greater Capital Region, NY area for loose leaf tea. We have a large online catalog of unique teas including herbal and we READ MORE

Buddha Teas

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The Inspiration Buddha Teas began as one man’s endeavor to bring quality natural tea to the rest of the world. Born in the U.K., John Boyd grew up heavily immersed in the culture of tea. After mo READ MORE

Two Leaves and a Bud

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Two Leaves and a Bud is an independent tea company based in the small mountain town of Basalt, Colorado (population 3,000), and is known internationally for producing high quality organic and fairly t READ MORE

The Tea Spot

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At The Tea Spot, we handcraft teas as timeless as the Colorado mountains that surround us. Our innovative Steepware® designs make the premium tea experience effortless and accessible. With one foot st READ MORE

The Fragrant Leaf

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Our teas are intended to delight your palate and your spirit. We are committed to bringing you the finest and freshest full-leaf teas from the best tea gardens and farms in Asia. We taste hundreds of READ MORE

The Angry Tea Room

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The question we get asked most is, “What’s with the name?” Our answer? When life pisses you off, that’s the best time to break out the vodka. But let’s be honest… sometimes you just can’t hit the bott READ MORE

A.muse Projects

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A.muse Projects is a specialty tea company inspired by the simple beauty and subtle elegance of tea. We hope to share our passion for tea by creating a distinct experience through our handcrafted tea READ MORE

Amoda Tea

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We've tasted thousands of teas from hundreds of different tea makers, to uncover what we truly believe to be some of the best teas out there. Teas crafted by hand, in small batches using premium, all- READ MORE

American Tea Room

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We are an American Tea Company. American Tea Room sources teas and tea ware from around the world to craft a distinctly American tea experience. This results in an artful blend of flavors and styles t READ MORE


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At TEAKOE, our motivation is simple…It’s about PASSION for the craft, being AMERICAN-MADE and creating goods for others to enjoy. It’s about PRIDE in what we do each and every day, from sleeples READ MORE

Tay Tea

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Tay Tea Blends, Single Estate Teas, Specialty Teas...Founded by tea enthusiast Nini Ordoubadi in 2003, TAY TEA is a New York-based company specializing in exclusive hand-blended artisanal teas, teawar READ MORE


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CAREFULLY SELECTED AND HAND-CRAFTED FOR WELLNESS...Our tea is a 100% natural and organic blend of premium tea leaves and herbs. Each ingredient in the blend was carefully researched and specially sele READ MORE

Satori Tea

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Our business is the curation and blending of fine, artisan full leaf teas for the wholesale and retail markets. We source specialty teas from around the world that match the most rigorous standards o READ MORE

Mixed Tea

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At MixedTea we love tea! Everyone is unique, and we believe you should be able to tune your favorite flavors in your tea. This is why we offer the choice to blend your own mix of tea from the selectio READ MORE

999 Teas

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It is our passion to discover the best teas from around the world. We taste and research hundreds of teas every month, making it easy for our customers who get to pick from a pre-selected collection a READ MORE

Bareleaf Tea Co.

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BareLeaf Tea hand blends tender organic tea leaves with luscious, organic fruits and flowers, so you can Love every steep. Each one of our teas is hand blended in small batches using USDA certifie READ MORE
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