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EarthWhorls -- Unique Handmade Natural Stone & Gemstone Jewelry

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Like a summer garden, colors burst out of the depths of these beautifully fashioned, polished coin stones. From the velvety tones of agate, to the abstract designs of mookaite, to the soft glow of jasper, this one of a kind, handmade necklace surrounds you with a feeling of elegance and earthiness. The sterling silver toggle closure is adjustable so, yo... READ MORE


MarksZ of Palm Beach

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Sole designers and creators of our unique one of a kind wearable art pieces. Exhibiting our work exclusively at acclaimed Art Shows throughout the United States. Opposed to casting repetitive designs READ MORE

Rebecca Tollefsen

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I'm Rebecca Tollefsen and I design smart, stylish gifts that celebrate your life, honor your loved ones & mark your memories. Each piece in the collection is focused on helping you express yourself, c READ MORE

Canyon Sun Jewelry

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Designer Nina Romero has honed her craftswoman skills and has created an impressive portfolio of one-of-a-kind pieces, all from her workshop in the sunny Sonoran Desert. Since moving from the Pacific READ MORE

Lia Vincenza

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I have often been told that my creations have an instantly recognizable style, that they have powerful aesthetic, or that they look somehow "emotional." I suppose the best explanation is that every pi READ MORE

Monkeys Always Look

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Everything is crafted by hand here in sunny San Diego & Orange County, California. We LOVE what we do and find joy in hand making each piece one at a time. Monkeys Always Look signature items include READ MORE

Meander Works

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Meander Works offers delicate, minimalist jewelry made from recycled gold and silver and an ever expanding line of engagement rings and wedding bands featuring recycled and traceable diamonds. Peop READ MORE


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MalizBIJOUX: This is jewelry delicate, minimalist, comfortable to wear. The jewelry is personalized according to the wishes of our customers. We make jewelry 14k gold filled, rose gold filled and ster READ MORE


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At Juvelisto where Sasha designs and creates all her jewellery, she also displays a number of different collections of her work from fine gold and gemstones to contemporary silver and bronze pieces. S READ MORE

James Christian

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James designs all his exquisite jewelry from his studio on enchanting Whidbey Island in the state of Washington. His work includes precious metal and gemstone jewelry, specializing in engagement and w READ MORE


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While ancient beadweaving methods are incorporated in my work, I have developed signature techniques that I consider exclusive to my design. As an aspiring perfectionist, the quest never quite resolve READ MORE


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About AROVA All Arova business decisions are made based on "People. Planet. Profits." We measure our success on how we have positively impacted all three. Our Home Party Division empowers women READ MORE

Aroma Couture™

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HOW IT ALL BEGAN In March of 2014, single mother and health/fitness/wellness expert, Caroline Perez fell in love with nature's medicine: essential oils. She began using her oils as a replacement fo READ MORE

Armor & Arrows

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Our Story Welcome to Armor & Arrows! xo “Fashion is the armor, to survive the realities of everyday life.” - Bill Cunningham Inspired by this quote, Park City-based designer Kristin Silvestr READ MORE


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Pishon - In the bible, the first river travels through Eden and flows out from the garden; it separates in to four headwaters. The river Pishon flows through the land called Havilah, the land of gold. READ MORE

Ariel Gordon Jewelry

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About Meet Ariel Gordon Maffei I launched Ariel Gordon Jewelry in 2009 from my Santa Monica apartment when I was working as a Hollywood publicist producing red-carpet events. With an eye for delic READ MORE


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About Us Areté means excellence. It was first used in ancient Greece by Plato to describe the exemplary aristocratic class in his writings. Through the years it has come to represent people or th READ MORE

Figs & Ginger

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Laura Tanner Jewelry

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Located just outside Chicago in Evanston, Illinois, Laura Tanner Jewelry is dedicated to quality, artistry, green practices, community engagement, and keeping production based in the U.S.A. The LTJ lo READ MORE

Joanna Gollberg

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Joanna Gollberg operates out of an amazing studio in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. The vibrant arts community in Asheville, the multitude of tools and materials in her studio, and the amazing co READ MORE

Jelena Behrend Studio

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JELENA BEHREND specializes in all handmade, hand forged and hand polished jewelry. Exquisite and different, they're timeless, forceful objects, crafted out of a range of media, from metal to rope. The READ MORE


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About Us Batucada’s exquisite collections offer jewelry, fashion accessories and table-top ware, featuring our eco-friendly and design-conscious modern material. All Batucada products are light w READ MORE

Bad Habits Jewelry

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About Us Established in Amterdam, made in Bali Bad Habits is a handmade jewellery brand with unique designs for women. Each piece is handmade with great care by the finest handcrafstmen of Bali i READ MORE

DeSilva Imports

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DeSilva Imports was started, by Steve Thompson and Louis Rodriguez, based on a love for all things handmade. Our mission is to bring Folk Art and fine Hand Crafted Jewelry, direct from the artisan t READ MORE

Deepika Designs

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Deepika Designs is a place where you’ll find different forms of handcrafted jewelry. It started as a hobby but has now become an important part of the founder, Deepika Gill’s, life. It is an attempt READ MORE


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Deepstone is a new trendy and stylish jewelry brand which specializes in the design and manufacture of bracelets for men. These unique accessories are all hand crafted and produced from special n READ MORE

Deborah Richard

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Deborah’s mission is to express and share, through her jewelry, a heartfelt journey of discovery. Each piece resonates uniquely to every individual, making her art not only about appearance, but per READ MORE

Dear Charlotte

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Dear Charlotte is a young jewelry brand born from the passion of its creator, Vanessa, to vintage jewelry that reminded the softness of former days. Carriers of memories, its collections are inspire READ MORE

Alison & Ivy

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Who We Are Alison & Ivy crafts one of a kind, personalized jewelry as unique and spunky as you! Inspired by the strong, beautiful & busy women in our family, A&I jewelry highlights the best in you, READ MORE

Michal Negrin

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Michal Negrin has been creating an internationally unique lifestyle for over two decades, offering vintage-inspired original hand-crafted jewelry, fashion and home décor. Since inception at a market READ MORE

Daphna Simon Jewelry

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Born in Israel, Daphna Simon has shown intense appreciation for jewelry and fashion and a keen sense of style from an early age. Attracted to the use of precious metals as a medium which best invoke READ MORE

Six Sisters Beadworks

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Classic heirloom pieces, personalized with names, initials, dates and birthstones crafted with only the finest materials of .925 Sterling Silver, 14k gold filled, genuine Swarovski Crystals, freshwa READ MORE

Alex Monroe Store

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Alex Monroe jewellery is synonymous with a very British sense of style. It is feminine, delicate and quirky, but above all consistently wearable. Now a much loved brand world-wide, each and every p READ MORE

Dandy Rocks Jewelry

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My name is Katie and I live in West Sussex with my fantastic partner and our 4 beautiful children. In between changing nappies, wiping dirty noses and doing school runs, I manage to do one of the READ MORE


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The Snyder sisters grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, where they used their cardiologist father's medical tools to teach themselves how to make jewelry while in middle school. Once the two reunited i READ MORE

Claddagh Jewellers

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Claddagh Jewellers are part of a family run jewellery manufacturing and retail jewellers based in Galway & Dublin Ireland. We have been trading since 1967 and became one of the first Irish jewell READ MORE

My Monogram Necklace

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MyMonogramNecklace is a place where a name turns into a unique piece of jewelry. We offer a beautiful selection of handmade, personalized monograms. We are dedicated to provide you with the finest q READ MORE

Satya Jewelry

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Satya Scainetti After 30 days of intensive yoga training in the Bahamas, Satya was given her spiritual name, Satya. She was unsure of the word's meaning, but soon learned that it was "truth". That READ MORE

All Animal Jewelry

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Tom and Lisa, Co-Creators of All Animal Jewelry. All designs are handmade in the finest sterling silver and karat gold here in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Lisa and Tom O believe animals are to be r READ MORE

Alison Storry

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Jewelry designer, Alison Storry, creates handcrafted bohemian jewelry pieces inspired by the rich details of various cultural traditions. She makes bohemian jewelry that not only works for everyday li READ MORE

Alice Menter

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Alice Menter is a British jewellery designer inspired by her fascination with tribal body decoration and passion for vintage glamour. Exploring the boundaries between jewellery, clothing and body a READ MORE

Alexis Russell

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Alexis Russell is a risk-taker. She's constantly pushing the boundaries of modern jewelry design by combining raw, organic elements of nature with elegantly refined angles of metals and cuts of stones READ MORE

Alexis Noelle

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Alexis Noelle jewelry pieces are at times bold, bright and are always distinctive – a collaboration of various elements. I seek out stones and materials that have character and even use vintage focal READ MORE

Alexandra Mosher

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Bermuda’s fine pink sand is one of the island’s most distinctive natural wonders. I create my own molds often casting interesting found objects such as shells and large gemstones. Each piece is hand READ MORE

925 Silver

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About Us India’s second most important gems and jeweler exporting centre is Jaipur and considered to be the first for sales in global market. With a history dating back to more than 60 years having READ MORE


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Hand Crafted Timeless Quality Foreli.com is the leading online jeweler with thousands of satisfied customers .All of our jewelry is designed and manufactured by Foreli.com. We are one of the few je READ MORE

BQT - Alejandra Boquete

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The Miami based company is a collaboration of designs inspired by Alejandra's naturally boho chic style, combined with her background in both the music and television industries. Alejandra's travels READ MORE

Ashley Blalock

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ALB Designs was created in 2008 by artist and designer Ashley Blalock. Ashley has always had a passion for the arts and beauty. From a young age, she began crafting everything she could find into fash READ MORE

Tresor Paris

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Defined by luxury and elegance, award-winning jeweller Tresor Paris offers a vast collection of exquisite diamond and crystal pieces. It has gained a reputation for designing timeless jewellery in b READ MORE

Shana Logic

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Shana Logic is an independently owned shop that features only the BEST handmade and independently created jewelry, accessories and gifts on the web, hands down! We've got tons of amazing artists inc READ MORE

Esmeralda Lambert

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'Esmeralda Lambert offers lightweight statement jewelry inspired with Latin and Caribbean influences. Elegant designs handwoven in collaboration with entrepreneurial artisan women in the Dominican Rep READ MORE

Alex Woo

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At Alex Woo we have a passion for beautiful jewelry, quality craftsmanship using sustainable resources, and support of local talent and better business practices. Proudly based in New York, there are READ MORE

AKC Inspirations

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Welcome to AKC Inspirations!...We design and create handmade jewelry and accessories that are versatile, fun, and meaningful. Every design is handcrafted in the USA. From the moment you receive the READ MORE

Across The Puddle

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Across the Puddle offers a museum quality reproduction collection of Pre-Columbian jewelry, pottery and ornaments. Jewelry spans from nose rings and breastplates to zoomorphic and anthropomorphic READ MORE

Ivory Jacks

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Ivory Jacks is known for creating unique and eco conscious jewelry with a natural and vintage inspired design. Father + Daughter design team, Kurt Tripp and Courtney Tripp, utilize mammoth ivory, foss READ MORE

Zealandia Designs

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Since 1987, the artists at Zealandia Designs have gone to the ends of the earth to create our unique carved ivory jewelry that is recognized throughout the world for its creative use of fossilized w READ MORE

The Jewelers Guild

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The Jewelers Guild 563 S 700 E Salt Lake City, UT 84102 Phone: (801) 355-3012 Email: info@thejewelersguild.com © 2016 THE JEWELERS GUILD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Handmade earrings Diamon READ MORE

Tatty Devine

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Tatty Devine is a totally independent British company designing and micro-manufacturing original jewellery in the UK. Our standout designs are all about expressing yourself in a fun and distinctive wa READ MORE

ANMARÉ Jewelry

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ANMARÉ is the creation of three sisters—Anna, Marlenn and Rebecca. For them, the line is where the past and present converge; classic pieces transcending styles and trends, still calling one’s at READ MORE

Perry Null Trading Company

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Perry Null is doing what he loves - trading with the area’s Native American People and meeting customers from all over the world. It has made his life full and very interesting. He starting working READ MORE

Ann-Maree Jewellery

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I Love What I do, I do what I Love... I have been very fortunate and greatful to model and love my job and have now started creating my own Jewellery Range and once again love what I do. I am READ MORE

John S. Brana Handcrafted Jewelry

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John S. Brana's collections of distinctive handcrafted designer jewelry include beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces designed to set the wearer apart from the crowd. Whether classic or contemporary, each READ MORE

Erin Gallagher Jewelry

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Our Gems & Skills...Your design is hand-made in our Chicago studio just for you! Each gemstone is hand-selected for optimal color and amazing-ness, chains are cut, stones are attached. We give your d READ MORE

Bario Neal Jewelry

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Bario Neal Jewelry is committed to environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing and marriage equality. Our jewelry is handcrafted in Philadelphia with reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, and READ MORE

Tail Spin

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Tail Spin custom horsehair jewelry is hand-crafted using your horse’s tail. Each one of a kind treasure is designed and created with detailed attention to quality and durability using only the finest READ MORE


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Mother-daughter founders, Avril & Cindy, combine their passion for found objects steeped in history, design, and nature. Together they create Avindy jewelry with a reverence to years of world travel a READ MORE

Africa Direct

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African art, trade beads and ethnic jewelry are both business and passion for Sara and me. We started buying African art twenty years ago as gifts for our children, four of whom are adopted and are Af READ MORE

Aquae Jewels

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Inspired by the purity of Diamond, the precious of 18 K Gold and the smart Elegance from France, AQUAE JEWELS are exclusively handmade in Dubai under High-End Quality demands. AQ UAE is the combi READ MORE


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Our name, AppleLatte, comes from two common English expressions: Apple - from " the apple of my eye" - means you are the one I cherish above all others. Latte - from "my cup of tea" - means som READ MORE

RedWall Jewelry

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RedWall Jewelry is a one of a kind shop located in the beautiful mountains of Cloudcroft, New Mexico. We specialize in unique, handmade items set in sterling silver and gold. We have contemporary as w READ MORE


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All apleen creations are handmade by two master jewellers in Istanbul according to the centuries old Grand Bazaar know-how. The jewellery is made of 925 silver, moulded and dipped in gold. Email: READ MORE

a perfect piece

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I love to create things and work with my hands. It is so rewarding to envision an idea, create it, and see the finished product. My work is inspired by the peace and love of God, and the beauty I fi READ MORE


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My name is Aaron Payne; I’m the Owner and Founder of Apente. Established in 2010, Apente is a small business hoping to make a positive impact on the world. We are hippies at heart and proudly sell pro READ MORE

Aolani Hawaii

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All Hawaiian jewelry products are made to order, they are all hand made & engraved in Hawaii, also known as the Aloha State. Since it's made to order, your order will take 2~3 business days. If you READ MORE

Ann-Sofie Jewelry

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Making my own jewelry had always been a hobby of mine. Living in a new country, I had time to explore my creative side and made way more jewelry than I would ever be able to wear myself. Ann-Sofi READ MORE

Anna Bling

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I am a teenage girl who enjoys doing clay. Before the business, I just did clay for fun in my bedroom. My dad works in sales and encouraged me to have a way for people to buy my creations. At first I READ MORE

Anna Biggs Designs

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Artist Anna Biggs hand carves each silver and gold piece in her jewelry line using the lost wax process. A graduate of both The Rhode Island School of Design and The Fashion Institute of Technology READ MORE

Andrea Montgomery

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Andrea Montgomery’s designs embody elegant simplicity. They are sophisticated, yet wearable, and their uniqueness affords them great versatility. The intense hues of the natural gemstones add a bit of READ MORE

Andrea Jaye

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Andrea Jaye is a Master Gemologist and Designer with over three decades of experience in Southern California. Andrea Jaye's passion for fine quality gemstones, exotic minerals, jewelry and philanthrop READ MORE

Andrea Estelle Designs

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Andrea Estelle designs was born from a life long love of metal and stone. I have always admired the diverse colours and textures of gemstones and was always amazed at what naturally beautiful objects READ MORE

Ana Knil

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Ana Knil creates wearable objects constructed from metal, ceramic and rock. Distilled from natural references such as botanical structure, geology, sea creatures and chitinous insects, the handmade p READ MORE

Amy Jewelry

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With an architect father and interior designer mother, Amy Pfaffman was exposed to design from the very beginning, but her degree in industrial design from Rhode Island School of Design in 1990 cement READ MORE

Ammo Wear

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All Ammo-Wear jewelry is made from spent (used) casings. Primers are removed and the casings and primers are thoroughly cleaned in an ultra sonic cleaner to remove all carbon and powder residue. The c READ MORE

Anchor Beads

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In May 2014, my daughter, Georgia, was diagnosed with Leukemia. In the summer of 2015, she and I began making jewelry for fun. This led me to creating necklaces to sell as a hobby, while I donate a READ MORE

Ananda Kriya

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We love the journey, finding the things that inspire you to learn, love and grow. We would like to join you on yours. Every item is hand made with love so variations will occur, making yours a uni READ MORE

Allison Barker Design

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My jewelry is a solid mix of modern and rustic. These are pieces that can take you from the mountains to the city...take you from Pilates (or rock climbing, or a hike, or whatever your cup of tea) to READ MORE

Alexis Noelle

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Alexis Noelle jewelry pieces are at times bold, bright and are always distinctive – a collaboration of various elements. I seek out stones and materials that have character and even use vintage focal READ MORE

Alexandra Gioia

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Alexandra Gioia features a variety of natural elements to create unique jewelry and gifts. From bold to dainty, each handcrafted piece is designed by Alexandra with the everyday woman in mind. When READ MORE

Aerides - Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry

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Aerides Designs offers artisan handcrafted jewelry made exclusively with exceptional semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver. All pieces are original designs of delicate, timeless, romantic jewelr READ MORE

Abby's Crafts

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Abalone Shell Jewelry, Mother of Pearl Shell Jewelry, Puka Shell Jewelry, Sea Turtle Jewelry...Aloha, I am so happy you have found my online store and hope that you will find many items you love as mu READ MORE

Something/Anything Jewelry Gallery

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Welcome to Something/ANYTHING Gallery, a contemporary jewelry and craft gallery featuring the work of over 50 artists from throughout the United States. Something/ANYTHING has excellent examples t READ MORE

Simple Expressions

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Simple Expressions jewelry is made using only the finest materials...Created with semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals combined with leather and sterling silver and gold-fill READ MORE

Silver Ranch Handcrafted Jewelry

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THINGS OF BEAUTY ARE BORN WITH GREAT CARE...Silver Ranch has set out to bring you soulfully simple artisan jewelry to live and breathe in. Inspired by ancient treasures and spiced with a raw elegance, READ MORE

Spruce Mountain Designs

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Spruce Mountain Designs is one of the few small scale jewelry companies who still use the ancient technique of lost wax casting. It is a demanding and timely process, but it allows them to create qua READ MORE

SF Designs

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Celebrate love. Hold onto hope. Honor your connections. Reflect your soul. Create your talisman. I am grateful to be able to spend my days creating pieces that people wear throughout their READ MORE

Satomi Studio

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DESIGNED WITH CARE BY KRISTINA KADA...Energy and precision unite in the natural world. Kristina Kada's handcrafted jewelry is inspired by this vital balance. The vigor of life meets the detail of art READ MORE

Sassy Expressions

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COPPER CUFFS...Every handmade cuff is created from recycled and reclaimed materials. Each one is very unique. My passion began mostly by accident… and a little curiosity. It started as a fun hobby READ MORE

Knot Perfect Jewelry

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ELEGANT HAND-MADE MACRAME, WIRE-WORK, BEAD AND LEATHER JEWELRY...The macrame, beaded, leather bracelets and other hand-crafted pieces you find here are going to contribute to the joy of friends and fa READ MORE

Kate Flynn Designs

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Kate Flynn is a jewelry designer from Aspen, Colorado. Kate designs and hand-makes each piece from her studio. She has been making jewelry for over 10 years, and specializes in wire work, knotting, a READ MORE

Accents Jewelry

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Unique, custom jewelry made just for you...Located on eclectic Main Street in Santa Monica, California, Accents is a creative haven for jewelry artists, and a community hub for those seeking unique pi READ MORE

Wallin & Buerkle

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Hand Crafted & Sentimental...In love with letter charms, gemstones, and jewelry that honors all the special moments. A life-inspired, precious metal jewelry collection. Perfectly polished, fine jew READ MORE

Absolute Jewelry

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ECO JEWELRY, FASHION JEWELRY, MENS JEWELRY, ART DECOR & FASHION...It all started with a great idea and a lot of hard work. We are a Mother and Daughter business proud to provide unique Eco Friendly READ MORE

Abigail Heche

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Inspired by love, nature, travel, and the simple life, Abigail has a desire to create and share all things beautiful. She’s been creating a collection of custom one-of-a-kind jewelry for nearly 20 ye READ MORE

Fast Love Designs

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FAST LOVE is a jewelry brand from the High Rocky Mountains in CO, designed and handcrafted by the local designer Jana Iankova. Each of her jewelry pieces is one of kind, never made twice, created with READ MORE

2 Bijoux

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Based in Las Vegas, Nevada; we make every item with our own hands so each piece is unique. With formulating our store on the foundation of peace, love and happiness. Sharing our sensitivity towards READ MORE


Votes:29 Comments:0
Powers Handcrafted Jewelry is a collection of minimally designed, easy to wear pieces with timeless appeal. Each style has a range of inspirations, from art and architecture to history and science. Ev READ MORE

LilyGirl Jewelry

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LilyGirl Jewelry is handmade in a sunny art studio in Cardiff by the Sea, California. Lori is inspired by the beautiful coastline and bohemian southern California lifestyle. She creates her collect READ MORE

Shira Melody Jewelry

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The line combines vintage themes with a modern twist, using affordable metals and stones to create a wearable collection that is truly timeless. Each piece is made to be layered together with the othe READ MORE
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